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Search homes and other real estate through the advertising services of Multiple Listing ( There is no cost to use this service. When you find a home you like, please contact the advertised real estate Broker to obtain more information about any particular listings that you are viewing. You are under no obligation to work with any advertised participant member REALTORS unless you choose to sign an agreement stating that you agree to work with a particular participant member REALTOR. You can search the listings for free and you can call or email the participant member REALTOR to give you more detailed information on the real estate properties (not including your long distance phone charges, if any). is a is an independently owned and operated advertising Multiple Listing Service. It is an advertising and marketing service for REALTORS.

If you are a real estate Seller, you cannot advertise or “list” your real estate directly on Multiple Listing Service .PH. To add your real estate to the properties able to be viewed through, you must contact a participant member REALTOR that is also a member of the to list your real estate. Your property can then be viewed on through the participant member of the does not receive any real estate commissions before, during or after any resulting transactions. is paid marketing and advertising fees by its advertised participant member REALTOR and other advertising customers. does not work directly with any real estate buyers. To view any real estate in person that is seen on, you must contact a participant that is a member of to set up appointments to see the properties in person. is not an  independent MLS.

Multiple Listing Services and therefore cannot set up any real estate showings or appointments. Please contact the advertised participant member REALTOR directly. is an advertising service that links buyers to participant member REALTORS and networking with other REALTORS You must contact a licensed participant member REALTOR to obtain more information about any particular homes or land that you are viewing on the web site. will not discuss, by email or otherwise, any real estate listings that are seen on our third party advertised REALTORS’ websites. is not responsible for the content viewed on any of its third party linked websites.

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